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“Nordic walking”: Equipment and information for this activity can be found in the nearby Visitors’ Centre in the Valle dei Cavalieri di Succiso, or at the Centro NeveNatura di Pianvallese (Villa Minozzo) who also organize courses and excursions.

“Climbing”: For those who love climbing, the Pietra di Bismantova is the most interesting destination. Less than 90 minutes away from us, the area also provides good scope for bouldering. There is a detailed description in the official IAT website of Castelnuovo ne’ Monti – www.appenninoreggiano.it (see the page dedicated to mountain sports). Hikers can also reach the top of the Pietra di Bismantova by means of a pleasant hike of about half an hour (CAI path no. 699).

“Snowshoes”: Not far from Montagna Verde, in the Cento Laghi Park, and less than 25 minutes drive from us, you can stroll in winter on soft snow, and enjoy the beautiful, unspoiled scenery of the Apennines, with the help of snowshoes. Alternatively, the organisation Farfalle in Cammino organizes visits.

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Walking: The pastures of Iera and old buildings of Tornini offer an excursion of complete immersion in the unspoilt nature of the Lunigiana side of the National Park. Less than 15 minutes by car from Montagna Verde, you can park your car in Iera village to walk up through the shady woods of chestnut trees for about 45 minutes to get to the buildings of Garbia (952m) . You can then continue for another hour or so to reach other pastures at 1280m, and Tornini. If you wish, you can be taken there by professional guides.

For information and reservations: info@farfalleincammino.org + 348 8097918
More information http://www.visitlunigiana.it/products/le-capanne-dei-tornini/

Walking: “Monte Acuto” and the mountain refuge “Citta di Sarzana”
Itinerary suggested by CAI, Fivizzano
This trip is suitable for everyone and can be undertaken in a day with a stop at the refuge or the lake, and is well worth the effort for the splendid panorama visible from the ridge. The starting point for this walk is the end of the bridge on the dam of Lake Paduli, after the Lagastrello Pass, less than 20 minutes from Montagna Verde, at the beginning of the road leading to Miscoso (take the right fork on the SP 74 Massese).

Walking: “Comano – Tavernelle – Taponecco – Apella – Iera – Bagnone”
Following the “Lunigiana Trekking” path from any one of the beautiful villages mentioned above, you can enjoy a pleasant walk, of easy to average difficulty, to the other small settlements connected by the route. You pass through landscapes where the chestnut woods are still well maintained, past pristine water streams.