Horseriding routes

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In the area are good opportunities for riding with beautiful bridleways, which can be travelled with local guides or independently. Montagna Verde has agreements with some of the best riding schools in the area, so interested guests can book their lesson(s) or ride(s) directly from us. Based on the availability and type of service requested, guests will be shown where to go when they arrive with us.

The riding facility closest to Montagna Verde is only 3km away, but within fifteen kilometres there are more than 5 stables, each specializing in different types of services and mounts, and all with experienced staff. If required, staff from these stables can accompany guests horse riding (for a day or just a few hours) to enjoy a quiet walk in the woods, following historic routes, and between beautiful villages.

A service of car rental with driver is always available on request. The possibilities are many: the beautiful villages of the Cinque Terre, Lunigiana, the Apuan Alps, Versilia and other wonderful places for which guided tours can be arranged.

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