“Il Castagneto di Apella” Complex

The area known as “Il Castagneto Apella” (The Apella Chestnut Grove)

The part of the village known as “Il Castagneto di Apella“, is in the medieval centre of Apella. There are four different apartments, belonging to a medieval renovated building : three have two bedrooms, one has just one (triple bedroom). They are all very spacious, measuring more than 45/50 sq m The building they are in is made of stone with a slate roof, and has access to both an inner courtyard area and a garden where there are tables, chairs and a barbecue available for guests’ use. This provides a pleasant area in which to eat and relax.

The names given to our apartments all refer to terms used by locals to indicate known locations in the chestnut groves and surrounding woods. These can be noted for their beauty and/or their views but also because they are traditionally popular places to collect mushrooms.

The “Brasei” apartment

“The Giovarello” apartment

“Il Prato del Ferro”apartment

“La Prada del Re” apartment